• photoshop cs6 3d

    photoshop cs6 3d

    Playing around with the new 3D functions in Photoshop CS6. Based (rather heavily) on a print ad from Gillette currently making the rounds in magazines. I think I saw it in Men's Health somewhere...

    If you haven't had the opportunity to try out these new features, I highly recommend making some time. While it won't replace C4D any time soon, it's definitely something worth knowing how to use—especially if you don't know what C4D is.

  • why no new wallpaper?

    why no new wallpaper?

    Over the past few weeks, I've been haphazardly uploading previews of desktop wallpapers that I create over my lunchbreaks, as I have time and inspiration.

    That stream has stopped of late due to a couple larger-scale projects I've initiated during my free time. I will in the upcoming weeks be adding links to the aformentioned wallpaper blog entires where readers can download the wallpapers for their own use (a feature neglected thusfar simply due to time constraints, which I have decided is not a good enough excuse) and a PSD mockup template for book covers (see below, or [here] for the template in use).

    This second project is proving to be more time-consuming than originally anticipated, but coming along nicely. During the development of the initial version, it occurred to me how often I wanted to use something like this both in college and while trying to do mockups of designs. It made sense to have the template support more sizes than just that initial size I wanted to use, so I started concepting ways to incorporate easy switching from size to size.

    Admittedly, using some sort of 3D software to render these mockups would probably be faster and more accurate. The trick is I don't have access to that sort of program right now, and I feel a PSD would be more accessible to more users—especially in the print field where things like C4D and 3ds Max can be as unfamiliar as Photoshop is to my grandmother.

    Keep an eye on this blog for both releases in the near future!

  • blogging once again

    It's been a while since I've blogged about anything, but with the recent (and currently still on-going) redesign of the website I thought it would be a good time to start it back up. I don't think it'll be anything really regular or formal, but when I have things worth sharing they'll wind up here.

    See you around!