Magic: The Gathering template redesign

Magic: The Gathering

This is an experimental piece I had the opportunity to pursue while in school featuring one of my favorite childhood games, Wizards of the Coast's "Magic: the Gathering" trading card game. Many people I've personally spoken with said that the current card template (a redesign of the original template that was used between 1993 and 2004) lacked personality and didn't really feel "magic."

This project challenged me to maintain the advantages of the new Magic template (increased text box space, increased readability) while trying to bring back a bit of the "flavor" that fans of the fantasy genre love.

The biggest change I made as far as composition goes is moving the mana symbols (the circles with the sun, water droplet, skull, etc) from the top-right corner to the left edge. This increases the room card designers have to work with when creating titles for the card as well as makes the cost of each card more easily seen while the players hold the cards in their hand.

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